Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Down the Drain...

It has been a tragic day!

Yesterday I thought I should go to the restroom before class started (which I never do).

As I stood up I heard a PLUNK.  

I knew exactly what happened -- My phone was now sitting at the bottom of the toilet and I needed to fish it out.
I reached into the toilet to now have my hand and phone lodged into the small whole at the bottom of the toilet.  Needless to say I was not saying nice words and I am sure the staff member who came into the washroom at the time was wondering what was going on in my stall.

Eventually I was able to free myself from the toilet and luckily the Life Skills teacher was the first person I saw when I came out of the washroom.  She kindly found me some rice which I managed to get my phone into.

My phone now lies in a bed of rice as I patiently wait to see if it works.  

I use my phone for many things and it was not until today that I realized how important it was too me.  I feel lost without it and as I heard other people phones chime or ring today I felt myself looking for my own.

My students all had fun with this today.  Several looked and wondered why I had a bowl of rice on my desk.  Others gave me suggestions on how to fix it but the best was watching their faces when I told them where it fell  and the adventure I went through to get it.    Many smiled and laughed while others looked at me to get the okay to laugh.

Despite the jokes I really hope to find my phone in the morning in good working condition.

If there is one lesson to be learned from this: 

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