Friday, 16 August 2013

Reality TV Obsession

Now that we are well into our summer break I have had some time to sit back and relax.   I have also had time to indulge in one of my crazy obsessions:  REALTY TV.   I am not sure what it is that drives me to watch these crazy people who are spilling their emotions and demonstrating the most crazy behaviour on national television.  I know that there are many reality TV junkies out there but many are still in the closest and not willing to admit it. I on the other hand am more then willing to admit that I watch as many of these insane shows as possible.   I have some pretty amazing stats when it comes to reality TV.  I have watched every episode in all 26 seasons of Survivor.  I also have to admit that I have raced home from 'Meet the Teacher Night' to make sure that I get home before the 8pm start.

Amazing Race is a crazy obsession-  I have created science projects based on my love for the show.  Luckily my students entertain my keen interests and get right into the projects.  My husband and I have watched every speed bump, road block and detour from  all 22 seasons.  We  reached our own detour when we applied for Amazing Race Canada this year and did not make it.  I have also watched all episodes of Big Brother (American and Canadian), Bachelor and Bachelorette, Biggest Loser, the Voice,  American Chopper, Ice Road Trucker, Pawn Stars, Whodunnit,  the Great Food Truck Race, the Mole, Fear Factor, The Apprentice, Singing Bee, Last Comic Standing and the list keeps going on.  Some may say that I am a little crazy after reading that list but I don't drink coffee, don't smoke and don't drink alcohol-- We all need some kind of hangup RIGHT?

I am not really picky in what I watch but there are a few things that our realty TV needs to have:

1.  Interesting characters that are needing to over come an obstacle
2.  Large prizes and rewards at the end
3.  Drama between competitors
4.  The mystery of guessing what will happen next 
5.  Shock factor that people like that exist in the “real world”.
6. Reality TV gives us something to talk about at work
 7.  Love games shows and Bob Barker-- reality TV is the next best thing
8.  To laugh at others without feeling to bad about it
9. To see what talents (or untalented) that people have that I do not
10.  The tribe has spoken and let's be honest I want to be cool like the contestants.

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