Friday, 20 September 2013

Someone took my pencil!

We are now 3 weeks into school and I think that we have a problem at the school.

We have pencil thieves!

This week I have heard the following statements many, many times:
1.  My pencil is missing-- Can I borrow one of yours?
2.  My pencil must be in my locker-- Can I borrow one of yours?
3.  My pencil fell in the hallway-- Can I borrow one of yours?
4.  Someone took my pencil-- Can I borrow on of your?

I am confused about what the term "borrow" means.  I hand out many pencils on a loan basis everyday however they are often not returned.  Many student, teachers and even parents ask why I keep pencils in my hair.
I have never had a student steal a pencil from my head. I have never had a student ask to borrow the pencil(s) that I have in my hair.  This way I can go through out the day and not worry about them going missing.   Putting pencils in your hair is far better then a pencil case.  You can loose pencil from a pencil case, the pencils can even fall out and can be stolen easily.

I really think I have something here.  The trend is going to catch on.  Try it and you will see what I mean!

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