Thursday, 6 March 2014

My Students Will Say the Darndest Things!

Everyday is a new day! When you teach grade 7 & 8 you need to live your life in this manner.  There are some days that I need to ask myself a few questions:  Am I speaking  a different language?;  are we on another planet?; or is it a full moon today?  I ask these questions because I often do not understand the responses that I get from my students.  Somedays I cannot get over the funny things they say without them thinking about it.

Student: I was away yesterday.  Did I miss anything?
Me: No we did not do anything because you were away so we decided not to work.

Student:  What time do we return from the trip today?
Me:  around 2:45
Student:  Do I need to bring my lunch?
Me: If you plan on eating today that would be a good idea

Student:  I forgot to take my cough medicine today.  Do you have some because I still have a little cough?
Me:  No, sorry forgot my extra stash of cough medicine at home today too.

I love my students and often they appreciate my sarcastic answers.  In middle school most of these questions are a regular occurrences. I think that is why I love teaching these young adults who are also very funny kids!

I would like to thank my students for these funny yet interesting conversations!

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